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(all ages and levels)

Each level of our program emphasizes:


  • the application of critical thinking through reasoning skills such as comparing, sequencing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing, and critiquing.  


  • With the Common Core State Standards in mind, we teach students to learn and master fewer concepts in greater details each year.  


  • Students engage in using concrete examples followed by learning pictorial representation of mathematical concepts.  


  • Solving mathematical problems in an abstract way using numbers and symbols.


Each student is given individual instructions as needed.  


Look through some examples!

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Early Reading & Phonics

(begin as early as Pre-K)

Rather than learning to read by word recognition, we teach students to read sounds.


  • We first introduce students to the sounds of all the consonants, teaching them to recognize the beginning consonants in a word and to recognize their corresponding letter in the printed word


  • After establishing them in the consonants, we introduce short vowels.


  • From this foundation, each child learns to read 8-page stories at her own pace while progressively moving into long vowels, blends, and multi-syllabic words.  


  • In the process, students learns to spell and write.  


  • After finishing our phonics program, students will be able to read in the second grade level.


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(Elementary and

Middle School levels)

  • This course explores both past and current world events and challenges.  Actual events from newspapers, magazines, and non-fiction works are read, analyzed, and discussed.  


  • The goal of this class is to afford the students an opportunity to explore concepts of history and current world topics not touched upon in school and to learn to think and write critically--something most college professors and potential employers report are lacking in high school graduates today.  


  • Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, the skills acquired in the class are the skills necessary to do well on both the Regents and ELA state exams.


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Middle School, and

High School levels)

In our personal essay writing classes, students learn:


  • to compose essays using an organized writing system

  • to organize their writing through topic paragraphs.   

  • how their writing must flow from the introduction to the body and finally, the conclusion.  


Emphasis is placed on including details that will make the writing come alive.  Using supporting details to prove one's ideas is also stressed.  


Individual attention is given to each student in order to improve their grammar and writing mechanics.  


Students gain confidence and find that writing is not as challenging as they once thought.


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Hunter Entrance Exam Prep & SHSAT

* For more information, please call us.  Individual tutoring is available.

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* For more information, please call us.  Individual tutoring is available.


But if you want to know more about our SAT and ACT teacher, click here.

If you want to raise your score, call us at 718-225-1876.

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French & Korean

Learn from native French teacher, Madame Mireille Nastorg-Mykel of The Metropolitan Center for Etiquette, Protocol and French Studies.  


  • Programs available for children, teens, and adults.  


  • Small groups and private lessons.


  • Preparation for Regents and AP exams.  



Learn to read, write, and speak from native Korean teachers. 


  • Develop your vocabulary and perfect your reading and writing skills.


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Smart Art

  • Smart Art students explore art and learn to express themselves through fun art activities.


  • Our program helps students to build up their creativity, imagination, and hand-eye coordination.


  • Students will explore colors, patterns, lines, drawing, painting, water color, pastels, and more.


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