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Prodigy Learning Center

Prodigy can help your child:

  • Catch up and/or advance


  • Develop critical and analytical thinking skills


  • Improve his/her study habits


  • Strengthen his/her concentration


  • Increase his/her self-confidence

Prodigy Learning Center
Reasons to send your child to Prodigy
  • Each child is given individual attention


  • Class sizes are small


  • Our dedicated instructors inspire students to reach their optimal potential


  • We have a proven record of successs for each child since 1993

Prodigy Learning Center

On the road to A+.

  • Mathematics


  • Early Reading/ Phonics


  • Reading


  • Writing


  • Science

  • Hunter




  • SAT


  • Languages: French and Korean


  • Individual tutoring for all grades and in all subjects

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